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Autism Research Center Awards $25K Pilot Grants to Three Interdisciplinary Research Projects

April 5, 2023

Several UNC School of Medicine faculty members were a part of three interdisciplinary research projects awarded $25,000 pilot grants through the UNC Autism Research Center.

Last week, the Autism Research Center awarded three $25,000 pilot grants to several UNC School of Medicine faculty members on three interdisciplinary research projects. These research projects were selected as finalists for the Kelley Altman Greer Pilot Awards. The Kelley Altman Greer Family Autism Research fund is geared towards funding grants for junior faculty conducting autism research at UNC-Chapel. Kelley Altman Greer and her father, Gardner Altman, the donors who gave the $100K gift to fund the awards, attended the event.

Below is a complete list of the three interdisciplinary research projects along with their PIs.

  • A comparative study of abnormal movements in Angelman Syndrome across mice and humans
    • Adam Hantman, Ph.D. (Cell Biology and Physiology – SOM)
    • Elizabeth Jalazo, M.D. (Genetics and Metabolism – SOM Pediatrics)
    • Ben Philpot, Ph.D. (Cell Biology and Physiology – SOM)
    • Stefan Lemke, Ph.D. (postdoc in the Hantman lab)
  • With our powers combined: uniting UNC’s gender and autism expertise to meet the needs of adolescents at the intersection of autism and gender diversity
    • Sallie Nowell, Ph.D. (FPG Child Development Institute)
    • Samantha Pflum, Ph.D. (Psychiatry – SOM)
    • Corey Shaw, M.Ed. (Psychiatry – SOM)
  • Developing brain-wide CSF flow imaging for infants at likelihood for autism
    • Dea Garic, Ph.D. (Psychiatry – SOM)
    • Mark Shen, Ph.D. (Psychiatry – SOM)
    • Yen-Yu Ian Shih, Ph.D. (Neurology – SOM)


From UNC Health and UNC School of Medicine Newsroom 




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