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Michael Jarstfer, Ph.D.

Michael Jarstfer

ASD Researchers at UNC

Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Associate Professor/Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Research in Dr. Jarstfer’s lab employs diverse techniques to study pathways critical for human health and currently focus on telomere biology. They are investigating the association between telomere function and cellular immortality, cardiovascular disease and cancer and are investigating the structure function relationship of telomerase. They are also interested in the pharmacological control of complex social behavior such as social approach and social memory.

Neuronal development and processing are complex and poorly understood. One major question that has significant consequences for society is the biological basis for subtle and complex social interactions, for example, mother-child bonding, interpersonal trust, social awareness, and social approach. Using animal models for social behaviors, Dr. Jarstfer’s lab is exploring the pharmacological basis for social behavior by conducting preclinical testing of small molecules that offset social deficits.

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