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Stephen Hooper, Ph.D.

ASD Researchers at UNC

Associate Dean and Chair, Department of Allied Health Sciences/UNC School of Medicine

Dr. Steve Hooper is the Associate Dean and Chair, Department of Allied Health Sciences; and Professor of Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Education.  His interests revolve around training and expertise in child neuropsychology, with specific activities devoted to outreach, research, and clinical endeavors.  Dr. Hooper’s research has focused on increasing the understanding of the neurobiological bases of childhood disorders, with a particular emphasis on phenotypic neurocognitive functioning. His research efforts have also led to working on dedicated interventions for improving phenotypic weaknesses presented in many childhood disorders and using neurocognitive measurement to determine treatment effectiveness across pharmacological, social-behavioral, and educational interventions.  Dr. Hooper directs a long-standing Child and Adolescent Neuropsychology Service through the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities, where he sees children and their families with a wide variety of neurodevelopment and acquired neurological disorders.

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